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4 t+ F- \1 b- E6 S4 P- ^They look more like the brightly lit shelves of a chemists shop than the rows of a vegetable garden。  它们看起来更像是化学商店里一排排灯火通明的货架,而不是蔬菜园里的一排排菜架。
9 \; q6 z0 c! o7 b0 t  But according to their creators, these perfect looking vegetables could be the future of food。- r) Y# r  I% H/ c6 R, g/ \1 k
# K# }6 V/ ~5 F% Z7 V6 z  In a perfectly controlled and totally sterile environment--uncontaminated by dirt, insects or fresh air--Japanese scientists are developing a new way of growing vegetables。
  x4 K/ P6 f% R& ^8 A! a  日本科学家正在开发一项蔬菜种植的新方法:整个环境完全由人工控制而且完全无菌,也就是说,这是一个既没有灰尘也没有昆虫和新鲜空气的环境。* P! @" P. \" E+ n0 @1 f
  Called plant factories, these anonymous looking warehouses havesprung up across the country and can churn out immaculate looking lettuces and green leaves 24 hours a day, seven days a week。
1 M1 i8 B& g- J, I  这些被称为种植工厂的不起眼库房如雨后春笋般遍布日本各地,它们每周7天、每天24小时不间断地大量生产这种完美无暇的生菜和各类绿叶菜。$ C- i5 a" y) r( W5 m: e1 O
  Every part of the plant's environment is controlled--from the lighting and temperature, to the humidity and water. Even the levels of carbon dioxide can be minutely altered。* d: k7 M/ o6 n+ y9 F8 I
  植物的每个生长环节处于完全控制中:从照明到温度、从湿度到水分。甚至二氧化碳的浓度每分钟也有改变。* l  z' k$ Z1 O4 f: u" {
  Rather than the conventional scruffy clothes and dirty fingernails of vegetable growers, the producers wear gloves, surgical masks and sort of dust proof protective suits normally seen in chemical plants。
5 ~1 I. _  l' J$ K0 `/ A) c, ]  工人们不像传统菜农那样穿着破衣服、留着脏指甲,他们都戴着手套和医用口罩,还穿着通常在化工厂才能见到的防尘防护服。2 x* H" R( F" }& K: S$ t
  The vegetables from plant factories--which include green leaf, romaine lettuce and garland chrysanthemum--are sold at a premium to Japanese shoppers. No pesticides are used--and there is no risk of contamination with food poisoning bugs。
  J0 U; W  a) K. O. J  日本消费者高价购买这些绿叶菜、长叶生菜、茼蒿等种植厂的蔬菜。没有使用农药,也就不存在被污染的蔬菜引起中毒的可能。
/ X- K4 e1 D, G  \5 _# ?' O! HBecause the plants are grown in a clean room, they can be eaten safely without washing. Lettuce grown in the factories can be cropped up to 20 times a year。  因为这些植物种植在干净的房间里,不用水洗就可安全食用。在这里,生菜一年可以收割20次。
4 l3 w: o* e; r1 l  Some factories are vast--and can produce three million vegetablesa year。
7 V" f6 m1 z0 B  w- i) y+ p' D  一些大型的种植工厂一年可以生产300万颗蔬菜。
( b: s: m. V. t- F: V  The results are hygienic, but it's about as far from real food as you can possibly get。/ A  a# y$ q! l- t
  尽管产品很卫生,但这并非你所理解的真正意义上的食品。, }& ?$ h9 u0 }1 _5 d/ w
  The spread of plant factories has been encouraged by the Japanese government amid concerns about the use of chemicals in vegetables。
& A% L0 J( \( [- T/ W; g& \5 H/ J  在对使用化学蔬菜的担忧声中,这些种植工厂的普及得到了日本政府的支持。( @+ u" j0 r! k( O6 M
  A spokesman for the Ozu Corporation factory in Tokyo said: "Vegetables are produced in the factory without being exposed to the air outside."
& j) X, ^/ f) \1 W  东京大洲公司工厂的发言人说:“工厂内种植的蔬菜与外界空气完全隔绝。( L, L* m' w! m7 [, _2 c
  "Stable production is guaranteed throughout the year by controlling lighting, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and water. They can also meet the demands of consumers who want safe foods."
6 B+ w' o$ j; `7 i  “通过控制照明、温度、湿度、二氧化碳和水,可以保证全年产量的稳定。这些产品还满足了消费者对安全食品的要求。”
7 P1 I) p2 T9 u1 R  Plant factories have yet to arrive in the UK. The closest Britain has are the vast greenhouses in the south of England where millions of tomatoes are grown hydroponically--without soil。
" R1 L1 _" N/ a  这种类型的种植工厂尚未出现在英国。在英国,与此最相似的是英格兰南部广阔的蔬菜温室,那里数百万的西红柿不是种在土里,而是水培种植。



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