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Is your employee planning to move jobs this year? With the job market booming and salaries rising, companies can expect to see high attrition in 2011. That's the bad news.
; I4 a, X8 n( ~3 ?+ {The good news is that managers who know their employees well enough can potentially pre-empt these exits. There are several ways of telling if an employee is dissatisfied with their job and may be thinking of leaving the company.3 |/ p! J' ~1 m( y& B
Here are some signs to look out for:, a$ [' m$ ~5 F
Less participation: Has your once-enthusiastic employee suddenly turned quiet at meetings? Does this employee avoid get-togethers like group lunches for no apparent reason? Has their overall team participation dipped?: ]* x" u% G; W* Y" e3 {
'Indifference towards everythingâ ¦ is the biggest giveaway' that the employee is on the verge of leaving, says Sonali Vaidya, group head of human resources at Alchemy Capital Management, a money management firm. She adds that managers who might be planning to leave might become more lenient and carefree, and less strict about meeting deadlines.
& A* V3 `9 x$ i5 c' q; _Lower productivity:If a hard-working employee has suddenly become sloppy in his or her work, that should put you on alert. Perhaps the employee is only sticking to what he or she has been asked to do rather than taking initiative. They may also be pushing back deadlines more often than usual. Or he or she might not be well prepared for the week ahead.# n3 L( N$ h; x
'If a person comes to work on a Monday morning without an agenda for the week or even a plan of action for the day, then it surely is a matter of concern,' says Ashok Ramchandran, director of human resources at mobile phone firm Vodafone Essar Ltd.
1 s# B9 V9 N8 i. P0 s h.jpg
1 Q" Q- M3 F9 t& B7 x4 Y) M" d% FOffice phobia:An employee who is thinking of leaving the company might often come up with excuses to stay away from the office. This could include taking a lot of sick leave or showing up late at work. The employee might not be clocking the requisite number of hours at work and finding excuses to leave office earlier than normal. The employee could also be using the sick days and extra time to meet potential recruiters. An unhappy employee would typically dread the start of the week, so watch out for frequent 'absence from the office on Mondays,' says Dr. Srinivas Kandula, global head of human resources at iGate Corp., a software services company.
- N5 o5 ~3 e  pFrequent arguments and complaints:Constant disagreements by your employee could be tactics for the employee to bide time before officially announcing his or her resignation. When given a new task or assignment, the employee might say things like 'Let me see,' 'I can't do this as I'm caught up with something,' or 'I don't think it's going to work.' In some cases, employees could even start to complain about work or start 'speaking ill of bosses or the organization,' says Matangi Gowrishankar, director of human resources for Asia & Pacific at BP Lubricants. This could potentially create dissatisfaction among other team-members and thus be harmful for the company.# E/ W$ s# V+ w& T) U: K; ^
Comparing companies:If the employee is regularly praising the work culture of other companies and condemning that of your company, that's a clear sign they may be close to quitting. 'A dissatisfied employee will start comparing his company with other companies like a dissatisfied husband â ¦ compares his wife to other women,' says Mr. Kandula. Perhaps the employee talks of former employees and of the 'better packages and benefits that they are getting in the new organization,' says Ms. Gowrishankar.
5 O2 z5 q, u; j1 YAppearances matterittle changes in a person's appearance and behavior in the office could also be a telling. Perhaps the employee has lately been avoiding eye contact. If he or she usually dresses casually but has recently been showing up in formal wear, there is a chance he or she may be heading to a job interview.' |/ |9 t1 I4 ]
If someone is spending an abnormal amount of time on the phone, 'in meeting rooms or somewhere, you know something is cooking,' says Anuraag Maini, head of human resources and training at Delhi-based DLF Pramerica Life Insurance Co.. a0 j# U$ m0 C0 t1 v# W0 i
The person could be talking to potential recruiters during these private calls. To be sure, these and some other signs described above could also be the result of some personal issues, so managers should not jump to conclusions. 'The idea is being alert to any changes in a person's behavior,' says Mr. Maini. When an employee is behaving differently, the manager should talk to him or her to figure out what's going on.7 A1 d& c# \2 r  T1 Y
译文:$ n& o# ^! Z& R9 f+ y, ]$ w
你的员工今年是不是打算跳槽?随着就业市场复苏,薪酬水平上升,企业在2011年预计将出现较高的人员流动。这对企业来说是个坏消息。% O3 t" ?8 b0 y# I
7 T, W! B* ]6 \: A下面是一些需要关注的员工跳槽迹象:6 R9 F" ?* r/ c$ C0 `, y# ~* ?
9 W5 k( m# U7 |2 W  F9 ^资产管理公司Alchemy Capital Management的人力资源部负责人索纳利•凡迪亚(Sonali Vaidya)说,员工即将离职的最大特征是,对工作上的一切事情都漠不关心。她还说,如果是管理者打算辞职,那么他可能变得态度更温和,待人处事轻松愉快,也不急于在最后期限前完成工作任务。* b1 r0 S) j( s; d$ x
2、工作效率变低。如果一个勤奋的员工突然变得懒散起来,你应该有所警惕。这种员工可能工作主动性减弱,只是完成上级交待的任务,也可能更频繁地推迟完成工作的时限,还可能对于下周的工作准备不足。  ]: [) {7 m' |1 P3 v. D
移动电话运营商沃达丰(Vodafone)印度子公司Vodafone Essar Ltd.的人力资源主管阿肖克•朗姆钱德兰(Ashok Ramchandran)说,如果一个员工周一清晨上班时没有做好本周的工作安排,甚至连这一天的行动计划都没有,那肯定有问题。
' u3 y$ d" ~. t& }' Q3、办公室恐惧症。考虑离职的员工往往会找各种借口远离办公室,比如请很多次病假,上班迟到等等。他可能会不准时上下班,找理由提前离开,也可能利用病假和上班空档去见招聘单位。软件服务公司iGate Corp.全球人力资源负责人斯利尼瓦斯•坎杜拉(Srinivas Kandula)博士说,一个对工作不满的员工一般都讨厌一周工作日的开始,因此管理者要留心“周一缺勤者”。" h0 g: {6 d, u4 w) k1 ^( q6 G) n0 s
4、经常抱怨和争执。员工经常提出反对意见可能是拖延时间等待正式宣布辞职的一种策略。当接到一项新任务或工作要求时,员工可能会说“让我先研究一下”、“我手头忙做不了”或“我觉得这么做不管用”等。BP Lubricants公司亚太区人力资源主管玛唐吉•高利杉卡(Matangi Gowrishankar)说,在有些情况下,员工甚至会开始抱怨工作,或者开始说老板或公司的坏话。这可能会影响到团队其他成员的情绪,从而伤害公司的整体利益。
$ @, n+ _' q7 r$ _5、比较各家公司。如果员工经常赞赏其他公司的企业文化,贬低自己的公司,这是他们很可能就要辞职的明显迹象。坎杜拉说,对工作不满意的员工会开始攀比其他企业,就像一个不满意的丈夫会拿妻子跟别的女人做比较一样。高利杉卡说,员工可能会谈论以前就职的企业,以及在一家新公司可以拿到的薪酬福利水平。
0 ~# Y, R; j0 z5 d6、仪容仪表问题。一个人在工作场所仪容仪表和行为举止的细小变化可以传递出重要信息。某个员工可能近期一直在避免与他人有直接的目光接触;某个员工可能平时穿着比较随意,但最近经常穿正装,说不定他是要出去参加面试呢。5 |8 u/ ~: B* F; n0 X) b
印度德里DLF Pramerica人寿保险公司(DLF Pramerica Life Insurance Co.)的人力资源主管阿努拉格•麦尼(Anuraag Maini)说,如果有人在空会议室或其他地方打很长时间的电话,那肯定在酝酿些什么。

. A; d) u& i0 W( x! T


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